Blue Fairy Dress Tutu & Wings, Costume, Ice Princess


Elsa blue fairy Tutu dress with wings. Crochet and lined bodice. Inquire about sizes

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This dress took a month and a half. There was an issue about the dress a month in. I had not recieved confirmation from any post service that my package was on its way. The seller used the excuse about a natural disaster damaging the product and she had to remake it. She didn't provide any photo evidence of this. I had to message this seller first rather than her messaging me immediately about why there was a delay. Very suspect. Next, over a week later I had to message the seller again to find out status instead of her providing the update. She also used another excuse about having to do a double shift at another job that day. Overall dress quality seems good, however she can't seem to manage this business anywhere near an acceptable level. Avoid this seller at all costs. Shane R Fisher